Environmental Test Chamber
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  • Product Name:Large Scale Formaldehyde Test Chamber
  • Product Model:BA-THFR
  • Product Introduction:Description The standard of large scale formaldehyde testing climatic chambers is compliance with E...
  • Product Name:High and Low Temperature Alternating Tester
  • Product Model:BA-T800L
  • Product Introduction:High and Low Temperature Alternating Tester is apply to aerospace products、 information、 electronic ...
  • Product Name:Thermal shock test machine
  • Product Model:BA-THS42
  • Product Introduction:The color touch LCD was used for this test instrument, which was imported from Japan and with Chines...
  • Product Name:Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Tester
  • Product Model:BA-T80L
  • Product Introduction:Description: Walk-in temperature and humidity tester applicable to the product as a whole or large ...
  • Product Name:Desk Type Temperature & Humidity Tester
  • Product Model:BA-TH42
  • Product Introduction:By simulating various conditions of environment and humidity, the constant temperature and humidity ...
  • Product Name:Immersion Water Proof Testing Device
  • Product Model:BA-IPX7 & BA-IPX8
  • Product Introduction:Description Immersion Water Proof Testing Device is used in electrical and electronic equipment enc...
  • Product Name:Sand and Dust Testing Chamber
  • Product Model:BA-SAND
  • Product Introduction:Description Sand and Dust Testing Chamber is used to test dust test and dust resistant. Generally, ...
  • Product Name:OVEN Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-OVEN
  • Product Introduction:Description Oven testing machine is suitable for electronics industry, electronic components curing...
  • Product Name:Salt Spray Testing Chamber
  • Product Model:BA-S60
  • Product Introduction:Description Salt spray testing chamber BA-S60 for the surface treatment of a variety of materials, ...
  • Product Name:Salt Spray Tester
  • Product Model:BA-S120
  • Product Introduction:The Salt Spray Tester is used to test the anti-erosion quality of the surface of all materials after...
  • Product Name:basic Accelerated Weathering Tester
  • Product Model:BA-QUV
  • Product Introduction:This tester reproduce the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew in order to get specimen’s weather...
  • Product Name:Thermal Shock Testing Chamber
  • Product Model:BA-THS42
  • Product Introduction:Description:Thermal Shock Testing Chamber is used to determine when composite materials and related ...
  • Product Name:Thermal Shock Testing Chamber
  • Product Model:BA-THS150
  • Product Introduction:Thermal Shock Testing Chamber Thermal Shock Testing Chamber is used to determine when composite m...
  • Product Name:Xeon Lamp Weather Resistance Test Chamber
  • Product Model:BA-KL
  • Product Introduction:Description Xeon Lamp Weather Resistance Test chamber simulated full sunlight spectrum xenon arc la...
  • Product Name:Large Scale VOC Climate Test Chamber
  • Product Model:BA-VOCR
  • Product Introduction:Description Large Scale VOC Climate Test Chamber can provide standard test environment (such as a s...
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