Sand and Dust Testing Chamber
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Sand and Dust Testing Chamber

Sand and Dust Testing Chamber
Product Name: Sand and Dust Testing Chamber
Product Model:BA-SAND
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Sand and Dust Testing Chamber Detail Introduction
Sand and Dust Testing Chamber
Sand and Dust Testing Chamber is used to test dust test and dust resistant. Generally, it is suitable for electrical, automobile, motorcycle, and other products’ parts (lights, instruments, electrical dust cover, steering systems, door locks), etc. 

Product Features: 
※ Dashboard:     Touch
※ Interior material: SUS # 304 stainless steel※ Exterior material: Galvanized plate electrostatic spraying※ Sample is on continuous and periodic blowing dust test. Time can set up as you 
※ Scraping dust observed gates  is easy to observation test cabinets situation in tested

Specifications & parameters:

Temperature range RT +10 ~ 70 ℃ (depend on customer requirements)
Vibration time 0-999 hours (adjustable)
Test Total Time 0-999 hours (adjustable)
Timing accuracy ± 1 minutes
Relative Humidity 45% ~ 75% (not shown)
Metal mesh wire diameter 50um
Nominal pitch 75um
Talc 2kg ~ 4kg/m3

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