Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Tester
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Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Tester

Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Tester
Product Name: Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Tester
Product Model:BA-T80L
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Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Tester Detail Introduction
Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Tester
Walk-in temperature and humidity tester applicable to the product as a whole or large parts of the low temperature, high temperature, high and low temperature changes, constant heat, high and low temperature heat test. According to user requirements to produced carton size and function. To develop a variety of different modules and auxiliary manufacturing tools to use more efficient.

Product Features: 
Widely range of temperature and humidity control, which can meet various needs of users. Unique equilibrium humidity thermostat, access to safe, precise temperature and humidity; also high-precision, high stability of the temperature and humidity control.
With Japanese OYO LCD. Optional temperature and humidity recorder.
Optional PC remote control.
Refrigeration circuit automatically selects, with temperature-controlled device with settings automatically selects the operation of the refrigeration circuit performance and achieve high-temperature state directly start the refrigerator, direct cooling.
Equipped with a large viewing window, you can easily observe the test product test status.
Advanced safety protection devices ---- leakage circuit breakers, over-temperature protection, phase protection, water protection
Design Standards: GB2423.1-89, GB2423.2-89, GB/T2423.3-93, GB/T2423.4-93, GB/2423.22-87Nb, GB2423.34-86, GB/150.9-86
Acceptance Criteria: GB5170

Specifications & parameters: 

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