Thermal Shock Testing Chamber
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Thermal Shock Testing Chamber

Thermal Shock Testing Chamber
Product Name: Thermal Shock Testing Chamber
Product Model:BA-THS42
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Thermal Shock Testing Chamber Detail Introduction
Thermal Shock Testing Chamber

Description:Thermal Shock Testing Chamber is used to determine when composite materials and related electronic products is in the shortest time and in an instant by the extremely high temperatures and very low temperature continuous thermal shock environment can tolerate the degree of change and understand thermal expansion and contraction caused by chemical or physical damage 

The widely range of the test objects is application in metal, plastic, rubber, electronics ... etc. The results can be used as an important basis for performance improvement or reference materials.
Product Features:
Japanese imported color touch LCD Chinese/English microcomputer temperature controller
Perfect upgrade body type, easy to operate panel interface
Process automatic control, stop and conversion time is adjustable
Paperless record function
Stainless steel, with multiple protection measures and facilities,
Completely protection alarm function: when short circuit, leakage, indoor over-temperature, compressor over-pressure, hydraulic overload, without water and other unforeseen circumstance occurs instantly, it automatically displays on the screen the cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting.
the input voltage instability, emergency stop devices
the structure moving time is within 10 seconds, temperature recovery time is within 5 minutes, is in line with the MTL, IEC, JIS, GJB specification.

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