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  • Product Name:Servo Control Universal Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-UTS210
  • Product Introduction:  This series` of testing machines are widely applied to the strength of tension, compression,...
  • Product Name:Tempered glass tester
  • Product Model:BA-101
  • Product Introduction:Description This tester is mainly used to detect the construction, furniture and other decorative g...
  • Product Name:Sponge rubber hardness tester
  • Product Model:BA-102
  • Product Introduction:Description This hardness tester is used to measure the soft foam and sponge hardness of the materi...
  • Product Name:Textiles Static Electricity Tester
  • Product Model:BA-103
  • Product Introduction:Description This tester applies under laboratory conditions, determination of a variety of textile ...
  • Product Name:Coating Solvent Resistance Tester
  • Product Model:BA-105
  • Product Introduction:Description The tester applies in the determination of APCP and similar material on the coating sol...
  • Product Name:One Hundred Grid Knife
  • Product Model:BA-107
  • Product Introduction:Description This tool is mainly used in metal furniture manufacturing organic coating adhesion meas...
  • Product Name:Du Pont Impact Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-108
  • Product Introduction:Description This testing machine is used to detect plastic furniture, wood, fiberglass and other ma...
  • Product Name:Switch Life Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-2013
  • Product Introduction:Description This tester is a 60 ° gloss meter, used to measure the paint, coatings, automotive, dec...
  • Product Name:The Hail Impact Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-4010
  • Product Introduction:Description The hail impact testing machine reference IEC61215-2005 and other relevant terms of des...
  • Product Name:Hot Spot Endurance Test Machine
  • Product Model:BA-4012
  • Product Introduction:Description Hot spot endurance test machine is specially designed for photovoltaic components indus...
  • Product Name:Tape Retention Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-5111
  • Product Introduction:Description The testing machine is applicable state at room temperature tack adhesive tape holding ...
  • Product Name:Solar Cell Detecting Meter
  • Product Model:BA-PV210
  • Product Introduction:Description Solar cell detecting meter is used in wet or humid temperature test loop installation s...
  • Product Name:Viscosity Meter
  • Product Model:BA-5013
  • Product Introduction:Description The instrument is suitable for the detection of viscosity paper. Product Features:...
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