Immersion Water Proof Testing Device
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Immersion Water Proof Testing Device

Immersion Water Proof Testing Device
Product Name: Immersion Water Proof Testing Device
Product Model:BA-IPX7 & BA-IPX8
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Immersion Water Proof Testing Device Detail Introduction
Immersion Water Proof Testing Device
Immersion Water Proof Testing Device is used in electrical and electronic equipment enclosure class IPX7 and IPX8 testing and evaluation for oil in water entering the shell on the harmful effects of test equipment in order to detect shell waterproof performance。And this equipment simulates the water immersion environment to test the water resistance and sealing of the samples during storage, transportation and usage. It is widely applied to electrical and electronic products, lamps and lanterns, electrical cabinet, electrical components, automobile, motorcycle and its spare parts and other products. It provides the basis to improve the performance of the products.

Product Features: 
※ Meet the requirement of IEC60529 standard IPX7 water pouring test and IPX8  
   water splash test.
※ Easy operation, special design. 
※ Best after sales service: One year free parts maintenance. 
※ Customization is available & welcomed
※ According to GB2423, GB4208-93, IEC60529 standards.※ can be placed in the room to test the open water, may choose to complete  
enclosure (optional) attached observation window, can be set free lift position

Specifications & parameters: 
※ IPX7 (short-flooding arrangements)Test Method: Sample shell inside and meet all entered the water:a. Surface should be higher than the highest point of the housing is at least 150mm.b. Shell underwater lowest point should be at least 1m.c. Test time:at least for 30mins.d. Gap between water temperature and sample temperature must not exceed 5 ℃.※ IPX8 (continued diving trials)Testing sample is most up to 30m, the rigor of its testing than IPX7 high.

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