Wheelchairs Test Series
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  • Product Name:Two-drum test machine
  • Product Model:BA-T01
  • Product Introduction:Description This machine can be used to test the wheelchair caster wear and overall structure of th...
  • Product Name:Wheelchair stability test rig
  • Product Model:BA-T04
  • Product Introduction: Description This machine is used to test the impact force when wheelchair dropped, for understa...
  • Product Name:Brake fatigue Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-T03
  • Product Introduction:Description The testing machine is mainly used for wheelchair simulate bumpy road test, to test the...
  • Product Name:Wheelchair impact testing machine
  • Product Model:BA-T05
  • Product Introduction:Introduction: Accord with ISO 7176-8,9 items standard requirements. Test wheelchair back of a chair...
  • Product Name:Drop test machine
  • Product Model:BA-T06
  • Product Introduction:Introduction:   Accord with 10.5 standard requirements: Test wheelchair fall under a certain h...
  • Product Name:Restraints of test dummy
  • Product Model:BA-JR
  • Product Introduction:Introduction: Accord with 10.3 standard requirements. Technical parameters: Model: BA-JR Test du...
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