Thermal shock test machine
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Thermal shock test machine

Thermal shock test machine
Product Name: Thermal shock test machine
Product Model:BA-THS42
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Thermal shock test machine Detail Introduction
Thermal shock test machine

The color touch LCD was used for this test instrument, which was imported from Japan and with Chinese & English microcomputer temperature controller. Through the use of this controller, the temperature has violent change. In this kind of high and low temperature impact, the change of the products has been observed and measured. This test machine is mainly used for test rubber, plastic rubber, electronics, electrical appliances, auto parts, metal, various kinds of materials and composite materials to test the physical and chemical changes in very high and very low temperature with continuous impact. The machine is a three-dimensional structure, has the emergency stop device, accord with the standard of MTL, IEC, JIS, GJB, etc.

Touch screen functions

Color LCD, dialog-based HM I.

Directly display set value (SV) and process value (PV) of temperature.

Can display the number, segment, remaining time and cycle times of the current working program.

Time accumulating function.

Can display temperature`s set value and value via a curve.

3 types of programs with individual program editing page.

Can dynamically display the program action.

16-segment backlight adjustment.

Can set screensaver time or manually disable screensaver.

Standby function, can save power.

System Balanced Temperature control system

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