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  • Product Name:Micro-Computer Ring Crush Tester
  • Product Model:BA-3011
  • Product Introduction:  This tester is used for testing the ring crush strength of the paperboard. With the proper a...
  • Product Name:Incline Impact Tester
  • Product Model:BA-3116
  • Product Introduction:  This machine is designed to determine the resistance of furniture to impact. A motor-drive c...
  • Product Name:Automatic Bursting Strength Tester
  • Product Model:BA-3011A
  • Product Introduction:  This type of Digital Bursting STRENGTH tester is able to test burstingresistance of the spec...
  • Product Name:Micro-Computer Ring Crush Tester
  • Product Model:BA-3012
  • Product Introduction:BA-3012 Micro-Computer Ring Crush Tester This tester is used for testing the ring crush strength o...
  • Product Name:Smoothness tester
  • Product Model:BA-3021
  • Product Introduction:This smoothness testing machine is designed and developed for testing the smoothness of paper / pape...
  • Product Name:Side Pressure sample cutting Machine
  • Product Model:BA-3013
  • Product Introduction:Corrugated board side pressure (adhesive) sample machine is corrugated board edge crush strength tes...
  • Product Name: Disc Sampler
  • Product Model:BA-3014A
  • Product Introduction:Disc sampler can be fast, accurate and safe cut out 100 square cm (1 square meter of one percent) of...
  • Product Name:Quantitative Sampler
  • Product Model:BA-3014B
  • Product Introduction:ISO536 definition:Quantitative is "in accordance with the test method specified paper and paperboard...
  • Product Name:Central Pressure Cutting Machine
  • Product Model:BA-3015
  • Product Introduction:Central pressure sample cutting knife is specially cut ring crush or other test specimens used in it...
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