Quantitative Sampler
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Quantitative Sampler

Quantitative Sampler
Product Name: Quantitative Sampler
Product Model:BA-3014B
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Quantitative Sampler Detail Introduction
Quantitative Sampler
ISO536 definition:Quantitative is "in accordance with the test method specified paper and paperboard weight per unit area." Since the accuracy of the quantitative determination of paper, with the area of the test sample precision and accuracy for weighing devices and corrugated paper fibers fairly thick, we recommended using the BA-3014A disc sampler tolerance sample taken. This section of quantitative samplers for quantitative determination of a variety of paper and foil bursting experimental physical properties required for the design of the sampling standard.

Product Features: 
※Meet the national standard: QB / T 1671-98 【Physical properties of paper and paperboard cutting test specimens appliances General technical conditions】。

Specifications & parameters:

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