Computer Servo Carton Compression Testing Machine
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Computer Servo Carton Compression Testing Machine

Computer Servo Carton Compression Testing Machine
Product Name: Computer Servo Carton Compression Testing Machine
Product Model:BA-3011
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Computer Servo Carton Compression Testing Machine Detail Introduction
Computer Servo Carton Compression Testing Machine
This machine is suitable for corrugated cardboard rupture strength test, widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, wires, hardware, bicycles, handbags, food, footwear, furniture, and other plant products ...... corrugated cardboard packaging rupture strength testing. Also tested for use in synthetic leather, cloths rupture strength testing

Product Features: 
※ Entire drive with integrated motor control, avoiding the complicated drive system, ensure that the equipment is more efficient to use fine degree and stability, facilitate daily care and maintenance.    
※ Proof rubber membrane mechanical protection function to avoid operational errors caused by operator rubber membrane burst, ready to protect the rubber membrane with the customer the best use of state.    
※ Glycerol filtration device with copper stainless storage cups, fast recharge readily consumed glycerol, ensure that the test hydraulic Spirit Sensitivity and accuracy of data collected.   
※ Using the most accurate 32-bit industrial-grade microprocessor, with the highest 
precision, high-resolution; external precision of 1/10, 000, Internal resolution 1/1, 000,000, A / D conversion speed 1000 times / second servo control convert almost close speed.  
※ Automatic calibration, compensation function, built-in weighing standard rate, dedicated  to the load-sensing power value is automatically corrected to compensate for testresults changes and automatic correction features such return.    
※ Given strength test hold function, the value of the measurement system except the wind force test mode setting, also set the value with the pressure of the test pattern.  
※ Save printing multiple sets of data, the machine can save 50 groups of data andprinting, more than similar devices on the market, you can save 30 groups of data. 
※ Settable zero tracking range, filtering parameters, so that when operating in a different environment, to ensure that data collected during the test state of rapid and stability, accuracy.   
※ Abnormal equipment operation is automatically put function to automatically analyze the cause to facilitate timely and efficient and effective handling exceptions, to ensure reliable operation of the experiment.     
※ Clock display parameters can be set freely with the Department of International schedule and automatically update case of power failure, can effectively maintain one week.

Specifications & parameters:

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