Smoothness tester
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Smoothness tester

Smoothness tester
Product Name: Smoothness tester
Product Model:BA-3021
Product Document:No relevant documents

Smoothness tester Detail Introduction
Smoothness tester
This smoothness testing machine is designed and developed for testing the smoothness of paper / paperboard according to the international standard BEKK type. It is good equipment for paper industry, packaging industry, printing industry, inspection industry, researching department … etc.

Product Features:
Adopt micro-computer
Highly accurate sensor
Non-oil vacuum pump from Germany can test quickly without mercury.

Product specifications and parameters:
Accuracy 0.1s
Testing range 0-9999.9s
Testing area 10 ± 0.05cm2
Pressure 100kPa ± 2kPa
Power AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz

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