Computer Servo Carton Compression Testing Machine
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Computer Servo Carton Compression Testing Machine

Computer Servo Carton Compression Testing Machine
Product Name: Computer Servo Carton Compression Testing Machine
Product Model:BA-3010S
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Computer Servo Carton Compression Testing Machine Detail Introduction
Computer Servo Carton Compression Testing Machine
Computer servo carton compression testing machine is widely used to test the packing and shipping carton or other packing containers, compressive strength, stacking strength, with easy to use features such as fast and efficient, and its determination of the carton and packing containers stacking strength compressive strength and hold pressure as factory finished stacking the box or highly important reference design package and packing containers important basis, but also an important test ISTA part series certification
Product Features: 
※ Smart environmentally friendly energy-saving TM2101 control system, Windows standard style, mode of operation, structured, input and output interfaces are made of high-speed optical isolation technology, with strong anti-jamming capability
※ Friendly menu-driven interface, powerful data analysis and statistics and graphical analysis aids curve, with zoom, flat, shift, crosshairs, and take other functions
※ Using original 6:00 more accurate technology to further improve accuracy, power measurement accuracy is far higher than the national standard 0.5 degree (the highest level)
※ Innovation of Microsoft Word report format is in this industry and it is easy to use. As long as you use Word, you can edit out you want to fine report
※ Random test speed can flexibly control, used in various standardization, specialization sample testing requirements
※ Multiple choice test scenarios can be realized holding pressure, systolic pressure given time, peak systolic pressure, stress systolic pressure, peak control breakpoint test a variety of independent testing program
※ Automatic statistics, analysis, samples of group arithmetic average, maximum, standard deviation, and a variety of strength test results
※ powerful unit system can be adapted to any of the world system of units, such as the force value units gf, kgf, N, kN, tf,?lbf, ozf, tf (SI), tf (long), tf (short), etc. are available, any number of units more scalable
※ license management system allows you to lock any of the software function modules, the software operation into multiple permission levels, no?authorized operating personnel can not touch the module has not been authorized, more secure and reliable operation of the software
※ More important protection mechanism: strength, stroke, displacement over-range protection setting, upper and lower limit switch hardware protection bit set fixed
※ test data management is simple and intuitive and efficient: a single test information to the Windows standard documents are stored, set free chub save path and file name. Monitoring and control software to avoid the traditional database format when storing test data will become increasingly large database file which led to the shortcomings of the software run more slowly. As long as your hard disk is large enough, the test data can be saved permanently unlimited
※ Precision screw plus phase-post guide shaft, the transmission operation of the device more powerful stability, good practicality and durability
※ Special scalable features: rich interface expansion capability: Up to 4 channel 24-bit analog inputs, three analog input channel 16 out, three-way pulse outputs, 3-phase optical encoder input AB, 9 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 1 USB interface, 1 RS232 interface, 1 RS485 interface, four kinds of LCD interface, a parallel printer interface micro, a miniature printer serial interface, an 8 × 4 matrix keyboard interface
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