Hot Spot Endurance Test Machine
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Hot Spot Endurance Test Machine

Hot Spot Endurance Test Machine
Product Name: Hot Spot Endurance Test Machine
Product Model:BA-4012
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Hot Spot Endurance Test Machine Detail Introduction
Hot Spot Endurance Test Machine
Hot spot endurance test machine is specially designed for photovoltaic components industry. To temperature, light irradiance automatic monitoring; configuration radiometer irradiance can be controlled and corrected, so that on a given irradiance stable illumination, while the test of time control. Instrument used to determine the ability of components to withstand the heating effect of the hot spot, as this effect may result in melting or welding package degradation.

Product Features: 
According to the standards: IEC 61215-2005, IEC 61646-2008, IEC 61730:2-2004, UL 1703-2004.
Box using SUS # 304 stainless steel; shell is made of SUS304 # stainless steel cold-rolled steel plate Rabbi handling or electrostatic spraying.
Control touch screen + PLC programmable controller automatically control.

Specifications & parameters:

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