The Hail Impact Testing Machine
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The Hail Impact Testing Machine

The Hail Impact Testing Machine
Product Name: The Hail Impact Testing Machine
Product Model:BA-4010
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The Hail Impact Testing Machine Detail Introduction
The Hail Impact Testing Machine
The hail impact testing machine reference IEC61215-2005 and other relevant terms of design and manufacturing standards, used to verify the ability of hail impact resistance element, a human ball is used to simulate the hail and a constant speed bump components, the hail impact of climate on analog components.

Product Features: 
※According to standard:IEC 61215、61646.

Specifications & parameters:
※ Stepper motor drive mode, with positioning fast, precise and other features, high reliability of the experimental data
※ Speed test device, using stable performance photoelectric sensors and programmable controllers
※ Sample holder using SUS # 304 stainless steel plate and strip steel, machinery and mobile devices using special aluminum processing
※ Accessories: a hockey die 12; Simple Hockey storage box 1 units. (Own pressure source tank)

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