Textiles Static Electricity Tester
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Textiles Static Electricity Tester

Textiles Static Electricity Tester
Product Name: Textiles Static Electricity Tester
Product Model:BA-103
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Textiles Static Electricity Tester Detail Introduction
Textiles Static Electricity Tester
This tester applies under laboratory conditions, determination of a variety of textile raw materials and finished products (including fibers, yarns, fabrics, carpets, upholstery fabric) of the static properties, can also be used to determine the other piece (plate)-like materials, such as: paper, rubber, plastics, sheet metal and other electrostatic properties of the composite.

Product Features:  
Easy to operate.
According to standard: FZ/T01042-1996 "electrostatic properties of textile materials, electrostatic voltage half-life determination", GB/T12703-1991 "textile static test methods"
All of tester has been conducted static voltage correction operation before delivery.

Specifications & parameters:

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