Clamp Handling Tester
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Clamp Handling Tester

Clamp Handling Tester
Product Name: Clamp Handling Tester
Product Model:BA-3115-1
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Clamp Handling Tester Detail Introduction
Clamp Handling Tester


Microcomputer packing compression testing machine is used to simulate the clamp loaders package, the two jaws of the clamping force on the package and cargo impact resistant package folder strength assessment. For kitchen utensils, furniture, household appliances, toys and other product packaging, especially for the U.S. Sears package required by anti-grip strength test.


Product Features: 

According to standard: ASTM D6055

clamping jaws can be realized, open, up, down and other actions and cycle loop

equipped with power sensors and digital displays, to calibrate the clamping force


Specifications & parameters:

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