Carton Compression Tester
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Carton Compression Tester

Carton Compression Tester
Product Name: Carton Compression Tester
Product Model:BA-3010C
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Carton Compression Tester Detail Introduction
Carton Compression Tester

Carton Compression Tester


This machine adopts microcomputer control; therefore, its testing result is highly precision. It is the best detection equipment of cartons or other packing containers, the most direct compressive strength test instrument used to determine the carrying capacity of cartons and stack height.


Product Features: 

Carry the force of a dual filament structure, the machine is designed to floor, and its 

control is divided into two parts with the host body, nice structure.※ Transmission system using permanent magnet DC motor and streamline the utility  

transmission mechanism. (Motor: Taiwan)※ Test speed closed-loop control, easily adjusted, the speed and stability. (Taiwan inverter)※ Measurement and control system using a single chip microprocessor as the central 

processing unit of a digital circuit technology.※ Trial data by the display window shows by the printer to print the test report. Whole 

structure is simple, functional and operational and maintenance particularly convenient.※ Corners there were four groups of independent sensors, sensor force change, can truly 

reflect Township plane crash body effects of different angles, the partial minimize the 



Specifications & parameters:

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