Taber Abrasion Testing Machine
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Taber Abrasion Testing Machine

Taber Abrasion Testing Machine
Product Name: Taber Abrasion Testing Machine
Product Model:BA-7012-T
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Taber Abrasion Testing Machine Detail Introduction
Taber Abrasion Testing Machine
To determine the wear resistance of all kinds of structures including metals, paints, plated surfaces, coated materials, textiles, leather and rubber. Uses the X pattern of abrasion produced?by a rotary action of a pair of abrasive wheels. Supplied with a full range of auxiliary weights,?specimen holders, abrasive wheels, wheel reface and vacuum unit.?Suitable specimen is: metals, plastic, leather, plywood, glass, laminate flooring, and paper, cloth, painted materials and so on.

Product Features: According to standard: ASTM D4060/D4157/D1044, JIS K5400/K7024, CNS 8540,and BS EN 660-2…etc. 

Specifications & parameters:

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