UV Accelerated Weathering Testing Chamber
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UV Accelerated Weathering Testing Chamber

UV Accelerated Weathering Testing Chamber
Product Name: UV Accelerated Weathering Testing Chamber
Product Model:BA-QUV
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UV Accelerated Weathering Testing Chamber Detail Introduction
UV Accelerated Weathering Testing Chamber
This product is able to simulate sunlight UV spectrum fluorescent UV lamp segment, combined with temperature, humidity and other equipment to simulate for the material causing discoloration, color, brightness down, the intensity decreased, chalking, cracking, blurred and the oxidation test results

Product Features: 
This product is applicable for: paint and ink paints, plastics, printing and packaging, car / motorcycle, cosmetics, metals, electroplating, pharmaceutical ... and so on.※ Simple operating interface, users can quickly get started※ Fast and reliable test data, can accurately make the right product selection and 
optimization of the judgment※ Meet international standards: ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS, ANSI, GM ... etc.※ Built-in microprocessor control※ With ultraviolet radiation, condensation, spray three steps. And it can 
pre-programmed to run automatically

Specifications & parameters: 
◎ Temperature control: microcomputer PID automatic temperature control◎ condensate control: the natural evaporation of surface water condensation 
principle and automatically control the water supply.

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