Temperature and Humidity Tester
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Temperature and Humidity Tester

Temperature and Humidity Tester
Product Name: Temperature and Humidity Tester
Product Model: BA-TH150
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Temperature and Humidity Tester Detail Introduction
Temperature and Humidity Tester
In order to meet the requirements of GB/T2423、 GJB150A1 / 4for the reliability and stability of parameters such detection in harsh environments. This series of temperature and humidity testing machine is used to simulate suddenly changes in temperature and humidity (for example: high temperature and high humidity、 high temperature and low humidity、 low temperature、 high temperature、and other environmental change conditions) for the detection electronics、electrical appliances、food, automotive、rubber、plastic、metal and other heat-resistant properties of the product inspection and testing. 
The result will be an important reference for product design division to predict and improve product quality and reliability.

Product Features: 
※ Cold and heat performance for ensure that the best state of the experimental environment!
※ Three strengths: given value, program, and continuous operation control mode and set an appointment function. Create flexible control system in the industry.
※ To use France imported Cooling system. It is environmental protection and energy saving and taking compressor with a unique control system. Ensure the efficient and precise operation.
※ Enclosed structure, special powerful loop motors, and low noise for create the best test environment.
※ With automatic defrost、defogging、moisturizing and drying function can be simulated high control, high reproducibility,and repeatability of the test environment
※ Attached with the test observation window、 test external through hole and test an external power outlet device, so that the device has more powerful and flexible space for using
.※ Have a variety of protection alarm device, from anywhere the equipment virtuous circle state, to ensure safe and reliable performance
※ Reference:GB / T 2423.1-4、GB 10592、GB 11158、GB10586、GJB150、IEC 60068-2-30.

Specifications & parameters: 

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