Walk-In Type Temperature & Humidity Chamber
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Walk-In Type Temperature & Humidity Chamber

Walk-In Type Temperature & Humidity Chamber
Product Name: Walk-In Type Temperature & Humidity Chamber
Product Model:BA-TH800
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Walk-In Type Temperature & Humidity Chamber Detail Introduction
Walk-In Type Temperature & Humidity Chamber

The walk-in temperature and humidity chamber uses the unique temperature and humidity- regulating method to balance temperature and humidity. It enables the precise setup of temperature and humidity environment, and can heat and humidify stably and uniformly without causing damage to the machine. It also features an especially wide controllable range of temperature and humidity so that it can meet demands of different customers.


High sensible touch screen, easy to operate.
Can set screensaver time or manually disable screensaver.
Automatic save in real time, display PV and SP of temperature and humidity, saved curves, group curve and working status via the MV curve.
Can edit temperature, humidity and time up to 4 sets in one page.
The display device is separated from the controller; photo-like image; digital recording function; SD card memory.
Can display the number, segment, remaining time and cycle times of the current working program.
Time accumulating function.
Can dynamically display the program action.
Can display temperature`s set value and value via a curve.
Standby function, can save power.

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