Programmable Temperature & Humidity Tester
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Programmable Temperature & Humidity Tester

Programmable Temperature & Humidity Tester
Product Name: Programmable Temperature & Humidity Tester
Product Model:BA-TH80
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Programmable Temperature & Humidity Tester Detail Introduction
Programmable Temperature & Humidity Tester

By simulating various conditions of environment and humidity, the constant temperature and humidity tester tests if the adaptability and properties of a product are changed This tester is widely used for testing electronic components, appliances, metals, rubbers, plastics, chemicals, building materials, food, etc.

Directly display set value (SV) and process value (PV) of temperature.
Touch screen functions
Can display the number, segment, remaining time and cycle times of the current working program.
Color LCD, dialog-based HMI.
Can dynamically display the program action.
Standby function, can save power
Can display temperature`s set value and value via a curve.
Time accumulating function.
16-segment backlight adjustment.
Can edit temperature, humidity and time up to 4 segments in one page.
Can set screensaver time or manually disable screensaver.

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