Computer-controlled machine Sofa durability tester
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Computer-controlled machine Sofa durability tester
First, what is computer controlled Sofa durability test machine?
Computer Control Sofa Sofa durability test machine is one of the test equipment modernization intelligent test equipment, the test machine has a full range of monitoring and control static load calculation of fatigue test system and device, the amount of compression testing system and recess means loosening the amount of automatic monitoring and control systems and devices , widely used in the sofa cushion, backrest, armrests and durability testing and static load and the amount of remaining loose loose quantity, automatic indentation hardness of a button to complete the test, the entire testing process and test fully automated, intelligent control, with data out, curve display, you can edit a variety of reporting formats output, it is the highest moment of new technology, a typical representative of the industry's leading technology furniture product testing instrument.
Second, the computer-controlled machine Sofa durability test applies to those standards?
The test machine according to the standard QB / T1952.1-2012 requirements for the design, its features can meet all the standards of mechanics, fatigue, static load, dents, loose, deformation amount of test items, and are able to meet all the standards test procedures and processes, the QB / T1952.1-2012 standardized  most complete and perfect intelligence test equipment.
Third, the computer-controlled machine Sofa durability test what functions and what the pilot project do?
The computer control Sofa durability test machine can automatically complete the test and measurement projects, including the following aspects:
  3.1. Durability test surface
  3.2 armrests durability test
  3.3. Durability Test backrest (alternate test)
  3.4. The seat, armrests, backrest federated durability test
  3.5 The individual armrests durability test
  3.6. Durability test alone backrest
  3.7. Seat height automatic measurement (after seat surface durability)
  3.8. The amount of compression automatic measurement
  3.9. Backrest offset automatic measurements (measuring the remaining loose back after the durability)
  3.10. Handrails offset automatic measurements (measuring the remaining loose handrail after the durability)
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