Equipment Recommended for ASTM F1566:2014
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Equipment Recommended for ASTM F1566:2014

  Test item/Test function:Firmness testing may be ran on un-upholstered components, innerspring units and flexible boxsprings (6.1 through 6.4), or finished mattresses or mattress sets (6.5 through 6.8);

  The durability test (Section 7);The Mattress Rollator(Roller) Durability Tester is used to test for fatigue durability and hardness and thickness. This set of equipment according to the standard EN 1957 and ASTM F1566, compact modular machine can be used to test the mattress, springs and fatigue durability of the bed, and the hardness measurement devices, can measure the hardness.

  Firmness retention test/surface deformation (Section 9) require upholstered samples;Testing Machine (commonly referred to as the Cornell Tester):


  Applies repeated controlled, counted strokes of a rounded end plunger (ram head)

  acting on the surface of themattress set,

  Measures the support firmness of the mattress set.

  Measures the deformation of the mattress set in the form of a dimple on the surface

  of the mattress.

  Applies forces that resemble those in actual use and can be used to test any type of

  mattress set, regardless of the materials of construction.

  Support firmness is the ability of a mattress set to resist indentation when weight is applied.

  This procedure provides a means of comparing a characteristic that relates to firmness.

  Cumulated dimple is the result of applied force to the surface of the mattress set. In this test

  it is measured by the depth of compacting, or dimpling, after repeated strokes of the plunger and ram head.

  The load deflection curve shows graphically the manner in which a mattress set deflects

  under various applied forces from 0 to 1025 ± 5 N (0 to 230 ± 1 lbf)。

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