Key Point for Horizontal Slant Impact Tester
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Key Point for Horizontal Slant Impact Tester 

Horizontal slant impact tester principle:
To take advantage slide rails + + impact panel will slide to adjust the angle of 15o with the ground (ISTA standard requirements), the product is placed on the test slide, with the average rate of the trip, will travel to tackle the impact of the panel, this when the impact angle and slide the panel, must ensure 90o, in order to achieve product moment to strike impact panel to determine the damage to the product trolley speed, glide and slide length related, requiring quick impact when the inevitable need to increase the impact trip.

Horizontal slant impact tester site constraints:
Due to the large size of the equipment, space requirements relative to the installation site is also very important. Typically, purchasing the communication process, the customer is always the venue because of the location of the problem space and headache.

In view of this, BANG Instrument Co., Ltd efforts to develop a level of exclusive slant impact test machine, easily installed to help customers solve the dilemma regarding the venue BANG Instrument Co., Ltd production levels slant impact test machine advantages are as follows:
1. Tackle position can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different speeds. Can take advantage of the acceleration device to achieve the purpose of fast running
2. PLC control screen control + precision tachometer device, dual monitor work in real-time display of mechanical transport state. Preparation of upscale, elegant appearance, easy to operate, test precision.
3. Pneumatic slide angle can be adjusted in favor of placing the sample, superior durability thickening impact panel, in order to protect the safety and service life tests.
4. BANG’s engineering team, on-site installation training, in order to protect long-running machinery.
5. The control system and machinery for the split, you can remotely control the mechanical operation to protect the personal safety and noise impacts.

More information about slant impact test machine and the entire transport packaging testing equipment, please feel free to contact or visit us.

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