ISO 7240 Temperature Sensing Chamber
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ISO 7240 Temperature Sensing Chamber

ISO 7240 temperature sensing chamber is known as point-type heating detectors temperature chamber. This chamber is based on the temperature-sensitive test GB 4716 and EN 54-5 closed loop temperature-sensitive test cases from requirements of the design. I SO7240 warm sense of chamber contains GB4716, ISO 7240, EN 54-5 standards for point-type heating detectors temperature testing requirements; it is currently the only models with a wide applicability of temperature sense chamber.

Typical heat detectors temperature chamber hardware device structure is divided into: the closed-loop wind tunnel, turbines, wind speed rectifiers, electronic sensing devices, test chambers, etc; Electrical system: temperature control systems, cooling systems, motor drive system, cabin automatic Door control systems, measurement and control board, controller, HMI, communication systems, components, sensors and other detection systems. ISO 7240 is calculated using special temperature-sensitive control chamber, with the curve display, test methods can be edited and curing, the test data can be stored in the export and other features.

BANG Instrument Co., Ltd manufactured ISO 7240 temperature sensing chamber combines European standards and technical specifications of the Chinese standard not only take into account the requirements of the standard literature on technical performance, while also drawing on the technical characteristics of the subject in Europe and structural design structure , comprehensive approach to improve the usability, stability, precision, aesthetics of the device, to the point type heat detectors sense the temperature test chamber technology brings more spiritual heritage style and multi-element.

This point-type heat detectors integrative temperature sensing chamber is by computer control system to achieve temperature-sensitive box communication monitoring and reaction temperature sense signal monitoring product feedback. Have (0.1 ~ 30) ℃ / min linear adjustment range, and using a unique cold chirp system to ensure the stability and precision make the entire linear control.

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