Happy Valley-type(Loop) vibration test machine
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Happy Valley-type(Loop) vibration test machine

Happy Valley vibration table is to simulate automobile transit, the degree of damage to the product and its packaging, vibration, shock, brakes, etc. suffered from judgment packaging vibration levels to avoid product damage suffered in transit, resulting in economic losses. Because This equipment uses loop-type vibration mode, also known as loop vibration table.

The use of specifications and test items:
1. The test station is placed in the laboratory at room temperature the temperature below 45 degrees, and the well-ventilated environment. Result of the test machine has a certain noise, fatigue testing methods for continuous, long period, and therefore is not suitable for placement in the office environment.
2. Check that the circuit is normal, power supply voltage, the volatility, the ground is connected.
3. Check the box because of the fixed sample, the test sample holder fixed to the center of the vibration table, turn the power switch.
4. When the machine is working, do not move the machine, remove, replace the measured object, if necessary, and turn off the power to avoid personal injury

The advantage of BANG’s vibration tester: 
1. The Company vibration Adventist simple operation and convenient operation, high safety factor
2. In production, can measure vibration testing and defect rate simultaneously. Improve work efficiency.
3. The number of the display to the surface of the vibration frequency of the current can be monitored, and the test cycle.
4. The working time can be set free, no staff left behind
5. Entirely in accordance with GB and ISTA standards designed to meet international standards.

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