How to Choose the New BIFMA-X5.1 Tester
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How to Choose the New BIFMA-X5.1 Tester

BIFMA-X5.1 tester is sets of testing equipment in full compliance with the US office chairs furniture testing specifications, this device can provide favorable test data and quality level is determined based on the furniture for the office furniture quality testing.

BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. held "BIFMA-X5.1 Seminar", the seminar invited commercial procurement, mechanical industry, technology consultants, market analysts to discuss the equipment, after the workshop, consensus and are summarized as follows:
1.In terms of technology: industry specializing in surgery. Procurement personnel responsible for procurement and administrative processes; using the unit responsible for providing usage requirements; technical department responsible for communication with the equipment suppliers and confirm the device details.
2.For the purposes of comprehensive cost: include: efficient communication during procurement and product quality comparison, suppliers Strength (technical expertise and service), you can save to spend more time on.
3.For equipment suppliers in terms of capacity: the instrument's financial resources, reputation, market evaluation, human resources, service, technical team ... and so on, are going to carefully assessed.

In summary, you will learn when to buy BIFMA-X5.1 testing equipment, what is the basic requirement. If you are interested BIFMA-X5.1 testing equipment, please contact us. Or even want to know more furniture products testing equipment, also please feel free to browse BANG testing equipment Co., Ltd. official website.

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