The Main Factors to Affect Programmable temperature and humidity Chamber
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The Main Factors to Affect Programmable temperature and humidity Chamber

Most of customers use programmable temperature and humidity chamber often encounter some conditions, such as: the temperature does not drop down, unstable performance ... etc. BANG Instrument Co., Ltd technical team makes a comment as below: 
1. Environmental Requirements: 
Programmable temperature and humidity chamber placed venues have more stringent requirements, generally, the proposed device placed in at 25 ℃ (± 5) Recipe good environment, due to the status of the device during operation (especially cool temperatures below), the same as the air-conditioning compressor, will heat discharge, surrounded equipment to keep one meter of space (within the box size, low temperature equipment, the distance should be increased), the device is best not to be placed in a sealed room they need larger power exhaust fan or air conditioning, so ready, the equipment will achieve the best cooling performance. If the user does not meet the above conditions venue, the user is using the "water-cooled temperature and humidity chamber", allowing the user before installing the equipment, reserved water towers, water pipes can be, when the device to the factory, it will connect pipes after can be used immediately. The use of water-cooled equipment, high-temperature environment without requiring, but it must be noted, do not use in the winter to avoid pipes freezing, can not supply, cause the device inoperable.
2.Requirements for sample placement
BANG Instrument Co., Ltd production testing equipment in case of no-load, the indicators are in line with international standards, and customer requirements. However, users in the practical application of them should pay attention to the placing of the samples, to prevent improper use, resulting in device performance can not be achieved if required. Equipment is through the air inside the box to provide the required high temperature, low temperature, humidity ... and other requirements when testing. Therefore, the product must not be blocked outlet; otherwise there will be uneven heating of the situation inside the box. Ideal box size should be 3 to 5 times larger than the sample. Do not because of cost and time, all stuffed inside the box, kind of "overload" situation, it will seriously affect the validity of the test results, but is increasing the cost and time. So, if the test a large product, or a large number of products, it is recommended to buy equipment in the phase of a larger size. 

When these two requirements are reached equipment still can not achieve the expected performance status, should be careful to check and troubleshooting, ensuring programmable temperature and humidity chamber, capable of normal use and demonstrate its proper performance.

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