Classification of fire and smoke detectors
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Classification of fire and smoke detectors

Per customer requirements, this article will make further in-depth discussion of classification for fire and smoke detectors, hoping to provide the reader a better understanding of fire and smoke detectors. 


Generally speaking, fire detectors, fire all by appearing in the mass flow (combustible gases, combustion gases, smoke particles, gas capacity of plastic) and energy flow (flame light, burning sound) and other physical phenomena, using the original sensor reaction, and convert it to another physical tractable and make warning, so that people can discover a fire, in time, to minimize the loss of life and property.


According to fire different reaction signals and characteristics, fire detectors can be divided into five types: 

1.Gas Sensing type

2.temperature type 

3.Smoke type 

4.Photosensitivity type 

5.sense of sound type

Based area and scope, fire detectors can be divided into two types:

1.point type

2.Line type

Based on degree of intelligence, fire detection gas can be divided into three types: 


2.analog (analog type) 



Aerosols combustion is often including fuel, combustion gas-phase combustion, a lot of air, incomplete combustion of liquid / so the state decomposition and tiny particles. Smoke particles are easily seen by the naked eye of the human combustion products, a particle diameter of 0.01 ~ 10mm micro-liquid or solid particles. Toxic fumes very large and liquid can penetrate into any space in the building, and therefore, the human body has considerable threat. Approximately 70 percent of the fire cause of death because of combustion gases or fumes caused by suffocation. The majority of material at the start of combustion values will first produce smoke, therefore, to early detection of fire, smoke type fire detector application will have a good effect; smoke type fire detector can detect more than 70% of the fire, and is the most common use up to the amount of fire detectors. 


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