Technical Specification of Point Type Smoke Detector Temperature Chamber
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Technical Specification of Point Type Smoke Detector Temperature Chamber 

Point Type Smoke Detector Temperature Chamber have to be equipped with: Methane gas analyzers, propane gas analyzers, hydrogen gas analyzer, carbon monoxide gas analyzer, alert action test, the orientation test, repeat the test alarm testing, temperature testing, temperature and humidity test. This chamber must be able to simultaneously test six probes, the same batch can test six probes, the software can display the data six probes, curve (includes: low-temperature test data) immediately, and can file conversion into EXECEL report.


BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. R & D, design, production line of Point Type Smoke Detectors Temperature Chamber can reach: Alert action value test, the orientation test, alarm repetitive testing, high-speed airflow testing, temperature testing, constant temperature and humidity testing, etc. six kinds. Relevant technical specifications are as follows:


Because of Involving machine technology, some parameters can only fit in? to Instead. If you have demand and would like to understand more information about Point Type Smoke Detector Temperature Chamber, please contact us.


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