Comply with BS EN 1725 test standards and project bed
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Comply with BS EN 1725 test standards and project bed

Everyday life, the use of poor mattress will make your health is greatly affected. In view of this, you know what a good mattress to meet the standard with which to test the project after it? 

The author now describes the testing standards BS EN1725 mattress relevant test requirements:

1.Specimen surface must be firm, smooth and equipped with stopper to prevent sliding, tilt, and not more than 12mm. 

2.Mattress thickness: polyether foam of 100mm, a density 30 ± 2kg / m3. 

3.Indentation hardness test: 170 ± 20N (according to ISO / DIS 2139 A40). 

4.Mattress test than the surrounding surface at least 100mm. 

5.Each mattress for more than five times the number of tests. 

6.wooden shelf test (frameless): wood lath 1000 ± 200N / MM2, cross-site slats 20mmx95mm, the distance between the slats of 60 ± 2, mm, lath span greater than 1000mm, length slats bedstead shorter than 10mm. In addition, the wooden frame test (with box) test conditions and frameless little difference, but it must be noted that the small wooden frame bed frame than 20mm. 

7.Stability Test: This test requires the use of Bond bedstead stable detection test machine, this test machine is conducted in accordance with EN1022. 

8.Endurance test: Use mattress durability test machine, with a vertical downward force 1000N, and each application of gravity to maintain 2-7 seconds. 

9.Vertical impact test: vertical impact test equipment, the impact is reduced from 180mm high degree of freedom to the mattresses, each impact test 10 times. If it is an adjustable bed frame, the test should be as close to the horizontal plane 7 °. If the head and tail of the support frame structure is the same, the need to test starting from the middle to the rear. 

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