ASTM D4034 standard and centralized assembly testing
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ASTM D4034 standard and centralized assembly testing


In article of "study of furniture sliding test of the value and significance of ASTM D4034", the meaning and value of our furniture sofa fabric anti seam slippage test to do a detailed explanation and examples, definitions and test the significance of this we are only aimed at ASTM D4034 "furniture sofa fabric anti seam slippage test" in the brief introduction.


ASTM D4034 is currently prevailing overall index of standard. Its definition is the industry authority, so that it has to understand about it. At first, the priority event is to know sofa fabric sliding tests and the slip direction. If the direction is wrong, then all the preparatory work and the test results are invalid. It will cause waste of time and waste of human and sample, the result is the loss outweighs the gain... Define the direction of slip in the standards is in suture, with a minimum of force can make the yarn is parallel to the zonal or meridian sliding direction, but in many cases, the fabric along the direction of the two will slip.


The second, we need to do a detailed understanding of the slip, it refers to the seam, so that one or more of the yarn, and the required force from the original place to produce certain sliding. Any standard for other textile, please refer to ASTM D123.


Finally, we will be two or more planar structure, such as textiles by suture and connected joint called joint, generally in the fabric. In a joint fabric by joints, due to one or more yarn, from the original place to produce certain sliding called yarn moving.


To give you a clearer throughout the testing process, in which, in addition to describing the significance test, we will test the principles together to tell you. Specified by the test is based on the slip stitching seams, the sample to the endless tensile tester measure the tensile strength and load elongation curve of the same record fabric - the sample measured at the joint, the strength curve. Then two stretching curves recorded in the same recording, two load values ??at the point corresponding to the distance between the curves is extending slip.


ASTM D4034 seam slippage test is widely used in woven fabrics, its significance testing methods and results, meaningful indicators try in everyday transactions, often because from different disputes the test results, each of the parties stick to their argument, who it will not budge, then produce unpleasant cooperation in mind, we offer a simple and objectivity of the testing methods, we recommend the parties in accordance with the standard of doing some comparison test, and then find the differences between the two laboratories. Bit to avoid controversy, we recommend using the permissions to do comparison, Bond Testing Equipment Co. can solve this problem for you, comparing at the same time, the two sides selected samples should be consistent, and the general practice is to both random sampling methods to identify the overall level. Once the two parties have differences, should be corrected as soon as possible, otherwise it will inevitably lead to differences in interpretation of results. Bond is currently selling standard tensile testing machine, slip testing machine, welcome way for you to order priority.


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