QBT 1952.1-2003 Sofa Mechanical Testing Equipment
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  This standard is issued by the National Development and Reform Commission People's Republic of China on 2003/09/13, and formally implemented 2013/10/01. This standard is light industry standards of the People's Republic of China.
  QBT 1952.1-2003 sofa mechanical tests mainly test for the height of the seat surface, the amount of compression (A, B, C), and the loose amount and the remaining loose amount.
  Per BA-7100 mechanical testing equipment is for example. This device is based on the principles of design standard mechanical testing, is measured against the sofa seat surface, back and armrests durability. 

      Test method: 
  During the test, the use of a shaped mass of the load module to load in the form of a predetermined frequency, respectively, of the seat surface, the backrest and armrests repeated loading surface. This test method is under simulated conditions of daily use, the sofa on the long-term repeatability of test load bearing capacity

      QBT 1952.1-2003 Attachment specification: 
      1. Seat surface load module weight is (500 ± 5) kg. 
      2. Chair back load module: 2 pieces, Weight is not restricted, rigid material such as wood or plastic is appropriate. 
      3. Armrest load module: 2 pieces, hard plastic material is more suitable. 
      4. Weight distribution of the metal plate as follows:?? Kg.

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