FZ/T01042 & GB/T12703 Static Performance Testing of Textile Materials
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  Everyday life, everywhere can be exposed to textile-related products, especially in contact with the human body, and secondly, that is, and chemical and fuels, in order to ensure that the body does not affect the textile and effective detection and control electrostatic properties of textile materials is very important the. 
  Based FZ/T01042 and GB/T12703 requirements through testing equipment in laboratory conditions, determination of a variety of textile raw materials and finished products (including: fiber, yarn, fabrics, carpets, upholstery fabrics) static performance, but can also be used to determine other film / plate material: such as paper, rubber, plastic, composite panels ... etc. static properties.
  Learn FZ/T01042 and GB/T12703 standard series shows that the specific content and scope of the standard test series electrostatic properties of textile materials, the corresponding requirements for laboratory equipment is also usually requires the following provisions and technical parameters, and FZ/T01042 and GB / T12703 standard series electrostatic properties of textile materials related technologies described are summarized as follows: 
      1. Effective test equipment and experimental principle: Instrument host using corona discharge device, test probes and detection control system. Through monitoring and control system for a given voltage electric field, the timing of the discharge of the sample tested, the sample electrostatic induction, thus the size of electrostatic charge, static voltage half-life, the amount of residual static testing to determine the electrostatic properties of the test sample. 

      2. Instrument characteristics: to OTS series textiles static test machine, for example:
      2-1.especially high voltage circuit design, to ensure continuous, linear adjustable within the range of 0 ~ 10000V, numerical display high voltage value, high-pressure regulator and has a high safety factor ... and so on. 
      2-2.a fully enclosed high voltage generating circuit module structure, to achieve high-voltage electronic circuit shutdown and open to overcome the domestic like product high-voltage generation circuit is easy to cause ignition of the shortcomings of the contacts, safe and reliable use. 
      2-3.the decay of the static voltage of 9 files can be arbitrary choice: 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, and 50 (half-life), 60%, 70%, 80%, and 90%. 
      2-4.respectively, using the regular method and the constant pressure method for testing equipment with digital meter displays instantaneous peak voltage discharge directly when, half-life values ??(or residual static voltage value) and decay time. Automatic shut down high-voltage, auto shut down the motor, easy to operate.

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