BA-TH50 High and Low Temperature Environment Chamber
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  High and low impact environmental simulation chamber, is also known as thermal shock chambers, is indispensable in many areas, such as an industrial electronics environment simulation test chamber. In BA-TH50 high and low impact environmental simulation chamber as an example:
      1. Use:
  Applies to electrical and electronic components, automation components, communication components, auto parts, metals, chemicals, plastics ... industry, defense industry, aerospace, military industry, BGA, PCB board, electronic IC board, semiconductor ceramic and polymer materials the physical changes, test the material for high and low temperature tensile and products against repeated physical and chemical changes produced by thermal expansion and contraction, to confirm the quality of the product.

      2. Standard:
  According to the standard is GJB150.3-86; 150.4-86,150.5-86.

      3. Features:
    ※ With stainless steel or stainless steel exterior paint spray.
    ※ three- box simulation tests were heat box, cold box, and test box.
    ※ Large color LCD touch screen, simple operation.
      ※ 120 trials norms set independently; impact time 999 hours 59 minutes; cycle times can be set from 1 to 999
      ※ left side of the box has a 50mm test holes, wiring available for external power load test components.
      ※ can be independently set temperature, high and low impact environmental testing; box can also choose two or three box.
    ※ Using PID automatic calculation, the temperature control is high precision.
    ※ advanced scientific design, the inside temperature uniformity, no dead.
    ※ can set the number of cycles or defrost (automatic or manual).
      ※ By the return air sensor detection, throttle body switching time of 10 seconds, the thermal shock temperature recovery time within 5 minutes.
      ※ Exception occurs during operation, the screen immediately displays the fault and provides troubleshooting, with emergency stop devices.
      ※ Refrigeration compressors imported from Europe and America, and the use of ozone coefficient of HFC refrigerants R507, R23.
      ※ Installation with powerful protection devices: power overload, leakage, control circuit overload, short circuit, compressor, grounding, over-temperature alarm.

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