Market Research for EN1957:2000、ASTM F1566 Mattress Durability Testing Machine
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  EN1957: 2000, ASTM F1566 mattress durability testing machine is belonging furniture testing equipment, according to ASTM F1566BS, EN1957: 2000 and other relevant standards to study the relevant specifications and technical parameters, the soft mattress durability tests do provide a reliable test basis.

      Market Status:
  In response to elevate the standard of living, consumers pay more attention to the safety of the furniture and environmental protection. In view of this, the furniture industry in order to enhance the interests of business and protect the interests of consumers, but also getting to know the importance of product testing equipment. However, for testing equipment industry, test equipment and testing techniques do not generally meet the reasonable and efficient use of equipment industry. This shows a drawback, furniture testing market is still a lack of qualified, reasonable testing equipment.

      Rationalization, standardization research pioneer in the manufacture of furniture testing    equipment:
  Through 10 years of struggle ,BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. in the development and research of furniture testing equipment and testing techniques , the amount has been paid tens of millions of dollars , through the efforts of hundreds of students and development of design experts , creating advanced technologies BANG , leaving BANG’s equipment and technology throughout the world. All along, BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. uphold the " scientific lead , casting high-tech ," as the company's development and finishing with the subject line with EN1957: 2000, ASTM F1566 mattress durability testing machine has been recognized by foreign and certification bodies test equipment.

      Application and R&D of existing furniture testing equipment:
  EN1957: 2000, ASTM F1566 mattress durability testing machine working principle: Mattress Durability Tester combines different design standards at home and abroad, but the principles and operation of the test, the test purpose is the same, both are durable mattress in the test resistance and stability. . Its working principle is to use the motor drive with pneumatic principle, simulate the real body rolling back and forth on the mattress, after the completion of a specific number of tests, changes in inspection mattress meets specifications.

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