The Specifications of Material Tensile Strength Testing Machine
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  Material Tensile strength testing machine for textiles, leather, rubber and plastics, packaging materials and other software products pull, pulled strength, long rates rise, tear strength, peel strength, elastic modulus and other mechanical properties of the resulting data mainly for all types of materials, design and production process improvements.

      Test principle:
      The mechanical transmission system is controlled by mechanical and electrical integration, in combination with load sensor, using plus command control mode, and then measured the mechanical properties of different types of displays.

      1.Furniture Material class mechanical performance testing: such as leather, plastic and rubber, textiles and other materials
      2.stickers, adhesive tape peel strength testing: If 180 °, 90 ° peel strength test
      3.Flexible packaging materials to detect the heat seal strength, tensile strength: such as multilayer co extrusion infusion bag (film) and other materials.

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