Configuration of Desktop Micro-computer High Tensile and Compressive Strength Testing Machine
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  The tensile machine developed by our company is committed to manufacturing, for plastic films, laminated films , bags, flexible packaging materials , adhesives , adhesive tape, stickers , rubber, paper products such as pulling , Shen , peel, hot closure , fiber, silk fiber , bonding and other performance tests.
  Combined with a variety of material properties, to be completed test modes are: tensile test, the length and tensile elongation, tensile strength and elongation, heat seal strength, tearing strength, 180 ° 90 ° peel and so on.

      Desktop configuration microcomputer high tensile and compressive strength testing machine structural characteristics:
      1.Touch Chinese operation interface, large LCD screen display during the test, simple operation, easy to operate.
      2.Automatically calculate the maximum tension, tensile strength, elongation
      3.Be able to save multiple sets of experimental data and results.
      4.Can be set to shift, given strength test modes, combined with the image of the icon, the results clearly understandable.
      5.Is a configuration can be achieved through special multi-language conversion, is now available for order and shipment under foreign clients.
      6.A variety of protective and safety devices, environmental design, elegant, excellent configuration.

      Tensile and compressive strength testing machine design principles:
  Desktop configuration microcomputer high tensile and compressive strength testing machine especially adopts macaronis design , mainly by the force sensors, microprocessors, pneumatic clamping system , driving system load and display output system constituted ; Large LCD monitor display , PVC operation panel , high-precision 7 -speed test speed ; desktop models , modeling and painting are fully considered the modern industrial design , ergonomics relevant principles . ( To be continued).

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