Vulcanized Rubber and Elastic Thermoplastic Tensile Strength Testing Technology
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  With industry, chemical industry development, sulfur thermal plastic rubber and elastic awareness and demand for increasingly stringent. Therefore, the detection equipment development, manufacturing, and improve quality control ability, not only as required by the market, but is currently China's most needed.
  For sulfur thermal plastic rubber tear strength and elasticity of the test, in response to the most scientific and rational testing equipment, and strive to achieve the most realistic test results. Details are as follows:
      Testing Objective:To determine the sulfur thermal plastic rubber or elastic tear strength testing.
      Testing Machine:BA-10C-11 Material Tensile Strength Testing Machine
      Testing Procedure:
      1.Take a standard sample , the amount of the thickness of the middle three o'clock
      2.Setting control mode tensile testing machine
      3.Retained in the sample specification tensile testing machine to 450mm / min test speed
      4.View tensile testing machine recorded the maximum tearing force , the thickness can be obtained by dividing the tear strength test

  Mechanical properties of this paragraph with professional testing software, automatically calculate statistics obtained the technical parameters required by customers can not only improve efficiency, but also to avoid errors due to manual calculation errors caused.
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