How to Choose the Environmental Chamber
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  Along with change in the test equipment market, more and more manufacturers use some opportunistic approach to lie to consumers for reducing their product cost. This practice has violated the principle of fairness. In order for the end consumer can identify these fraudulent means, and then purchase the necessary environment for their own climate chamber, BANG Instrument Co., LTD categorized several optional key for your reference:
      1, on the appearance requirements: arc shape matte lines, high-texture appearance, no     reaction with flat handle, easy to operate.
      2, the transmission system: adopt fully enclosed structure. Use the powerful circulating   motor, low noise refrigeration devices.
      3, auxiliary parts: attached shock pad; make the machine during operation can keep quiet   and stable.
      4, using a variety of functions: a load testing.
      5, the test space should be observed: the use of Philips Lighting window lights, built-in   temperature demister, Fang do observe analyze.
      6, compliance with international standards: GB/T2423.1-4, GJB150A1 / 4, IEC62-8-30.
  In addition to the purchase key point as above, shall be to evaluate for the production capacity of manufacturers, reputation, service quality, etc.


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