The Special Technical Requirements for Self-Adhesive Testing machine
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  In response to the times and advancement of technology, self-adhesive application is more widely. Moreover, the processing enterprises, new production processes and quality requirements of world trade rising and rigorous testing. Therefore, for testing equipment market, technology innovation is critical, in addition to better meet market demand, the company is the development of testing equipment main power source.
  In recent years, due to production technology innovation revolution, most of testing equipment company put more effort in how to improve production efficiency and strict quality control.
  Now, Self-adhesive is commonly used in the industry, quality of the kind of products strictly control very much. Self-adhesive products been tested on friends should understand the mechanical properties of the test should be the most critical, such as 90 ° / 180 ° stickers peel strength test, temperature / normal temperature viscosity retention test, viscosity meter, early viscosity test instruments.
  BANG Instrument Co., Ltd has many years experience in technical research and development, testing equipment for such special technical requirements have a better experience and ability. For example: In the transmission structure, control mode, data processing, report editing, and software management, etc., put a lot of technical team, in terms of performance, accuracy or any other aspect of our production testing equipment are fairly reliable and stable the.
  If you have more information about self-adhesive special specifications, technical requirements and consultation, please feel free to contact with us.

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