6 Tips for Purchasing Sofa Detection Equipments
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  The upholstery manufacturer, the production of good quality sofa is very important. Under the premise that you must select a superior performance, standards-compliant design specifications of testing equipment, is relatively important.   

      The following Bond testing equipment company for you to buy sofa detection equipment classified six major techniques:    

      1. of their products require test items, a systematic classification juxtaposed volumes.   

      2. for the appropriate design standards and related testing standards.   

      3. Pairs of test equipment suppliers CPK evaluated. With the scale and strength of the test equipment suppliers can only produce good quality testing equipment; proposals should go visit some suppliers, not arbitrary decision.  

      4. Structural principle. Sofa testing equipment for production technology, there is no proper configurations; the production of the device is not properly used. For example: a sofa test is to go through tens of thousands of times expansion / compression testing. If you buy a bad device, can not guarantee the production of high quality sofa.   

      5. Reference standard. Good testing standards must be in accordance with international standards or national norms made, however, there are many unscrupulous businesspeople existing name by standard manufacturing, to deceive customers. Remind you: a reference standard for manufacturers to provide detailed verification should be done, remember not to arbitrarily believe manufacturer's standard.   

      6. Quality and price balance. Please believe that "a price; a cargo" this argument. Really good business prices are reasonable, they should be the flagship of the brand, is the company's future value, but also the value of both parties win.


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