The Standard Testing Machine for Paper
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  Paper application and our lives are very closely. Previous detection of the carton is effective, but only recognizes a single product, and can not view overall. However, the designation and applications of standard paper testing machine is such as GB-6544-86, GB6545-98, GB6546-98, GB6547-98, GB6548-98, GB, SN, ISO, TAPPI, SCAN, JIS, etc. This applied to the paper processing and testing, the value is unpredictable, and the results are quite impressive.   

     Therefore, the paper's standards-related testing equipment is required by the market, however, the domestic market for standard testing equipment, general knowledge is limited. From the point of view of the interests of enterprises always have immediate short-term benefits than long-term benefits to the heavy, with "cut costs, reduce the cost of ..." and other slogans so ignore the product quality control and assurance.  

     Now, Bangtest Instrument Co., Ltd summarizes paper standards-related testing equipment as below: moisture testing machine, weight testing machine, gloss testing machine, colorimeter, thickness testing machine, pulp consistency testing machine, magnetic stirrer, pulp freeness measurement instrument, paper folding testing machine, paper tearing strength testing machine, bursting strength testing machine, paper splashing testing machine, drawing paper tensile testing machine, paper puncture strength testing machine, paper stiffness testing machine. Details and related technical information please refer to Bangtest Instrument Co., Ltd official website or call us.


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