The Standard Testing Machine for Paper
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     Due to the expansion and development for the paper industry, it also promotes all aspects of life related to the field of development. Relatively, paper quality requirements are also rising. For the paper industry, with Country’s support and adjustment to meet more new
opportunities and challenges, has introduced a normative, standardized, systematic literature and policies. Therefore, the quality of supervision and governance is particularly prominent, but the real effect is currently still has some flaws, is not optimistic.
     When we have no good quality, and no standardized operation of the system, it will be hardly to face a great challenge in the international market. In fact, it is most potential for China's paper industry, therefore, production、management and supervise must be standardized, and indeed implemented.

     For the market demand, Bangtest Instrument Co., LTD manufactures paper standards-related testing machines. Their standard compliance with: GB/T4857.4-92, GB12986-91, SN/T0262-93, GB451.2-89, GB451.3-89, GB455 .1-89, GB453-89, GB1539-89 ... and so on. Appropriate standards related testing equipment are as follows:Paper bursting strength testing machine, paper tearing strength testing machine, paper splash testing machine, paper pulling tension testing machine, paper puncture strength tester, stiffness tester paper, paper beating degree tester, paper ring crush strength testing machine.
     Now, there are a lot of different of cartons standards-related testing
equipment on the market. But, criteria judge is no comprehensive. If you are interested in learning more information about it. Welcome you to visit our company, we can exchange views.

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