Unusually Situation for Side Compression Strength Machine
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   In BA-3012, for example, the client will appear in the course of more or less unusual problems, to facilitate reference mutual communication, and will use experimental equipment to the most good condition, summed up: the process of using common questions: improper operation, two is a hardware failure.    1, improper operation    1-1, the test can not catch peak: peak may be pressed [key], leading to ailure of the test control mode.    1-2, the display value is displayed weakness: may be due to violation of rules of operation, testing, not the edge pressure guide out, so that the test can not overwhelm the peak, while the overwhelming destruction of the guide block load cell.    1-3, you can not print the test data: function key pressed [] or store data in  the next, so the test can not be printed test results.
   1-4, the test results reported single date no update: There are two possibilities: A. Test equipment when there are more than 7 days rooms for the operation, but the system can only exist in a time deposit charge of information within seven days; B. adjustment time Design of parameters, the design of non-logical parameters, resulting in time can not be updated.    2, hardware failure    2-1, the display can not be zero: It may be the panel, the key sensor broken. 2-2, the test results many vary greatly: Instrument used for too long, have not been corrected. Should Protestant positive and adjusting the parallelism of the upper and lower test surface.    2-3, print garbled data: Power supply / voltage instability, or printer failure.    2-4, the display value is displayed weakness: A. Load cell may be broken; B. circuit boards may be abnormal (Note: The data line good contact, otherwise, they will misjudge the hardware is good or bad).[Summary]:
   Side compression strength testing machine or operating system, whether it is good or bad, must be in accordance with product instructions manual approach to the operation and application. The Company ring broken pressure testing machine, with a good stable system accessories and manufacturing capabilities, the above exception problem rarely occurs, while pressure testing is also true. Meanwhile, the ring crush, flat crush, bonding strength test should also be the case for precautions.

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