Function of Sofa Durability testing machine
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    For example:BA-7100 Sofa Durability Testing MachineSofa durability testing machine is mainly detected overall long-term ability of repetitive loads, measuring its seat, backrest and armrests durability test, simulate the human body will certainly shape the load module to load the specified type, frequency, respectively. Sitting down, back and armrests surface repeated load, measured after tens of thousands of times the durability. Its function is as follows: 

   1. LIC human-machine interface touch-control system. HMI, with intelligent control system, easy to read, safe and reliable, more stable performance.

   2. Contact with simulated body three parts (base surface, backrest, armrests), making practical simulations.

   3. Control modes: automatic and manual points, randomly test any part, mutual non-interference.

   4. Within the range can be set to different load capacity test can also set the number of cycles to reach the set number of times, safety shutdown.

   5 Can be set to holding pressure time and cycle time, increase or reduce testing frequency to adapt to a variety of test standards.


    When choosing to run automatically when tested under the test fixture should appropriate height adjusted return height, so as to avoid the risk of the block and back testing collision.




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