The temperature and humidity analog preprocessing in transportation environment
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 The simulation testing for transportation environmental temperature and humidity testing equipment is ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) specified test items. Aim is to predict in advance and packaging products in a continuous transport environment, testing products can be effectively protected, and will not be for the foreseeable factors that harm. Therefore, to understand and implement ISTA related test items and standards to enhance the profitability of enterprises and reduce the loss of the key.??? ISTA 2C class under the transport environment simulation tests, including pre-processing environment, environmental processing, vibration, shock (drop / horizontal / inclined), is a more comprehensive and integrated transportation safety inspection system. Widely used in land, sea, air and other transportation environment simulation tests.??? Environmental pretreatment, to take a standard sample, and as far as possible and actual analog sample packaging or products, and the sample was placed in the laboratory intact natural environment for 12 hours. Then, according to the actual needs of the environment, to a selective process, and the ambient temperature and humidity of the pre-processing device to the ASTMD 4332-01, ISO2233, ASTMD4332 consistent with the requirements. Bond detected with BA-THR example, when the cold or winter, hot and moist climate, dry heat or summer weather, cold storage, the different processing times are required and the type of temperature and humidity.??? Welcome you to inquire!



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