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In our daily life, paper is most commonly. Bang sold paper testing equipment for many years. Based on years of selling experience and depending on feedback from the industry. We will the paper is divided into six categories:
1. Packing paper: 
White paper, white cardboard, linerboard, Kraft paper, corrugated paper, cardboard, tea paperboard, silicone paper.
2. Printing paper: 
Coated paper, newsprint, LWC paper, light paper, offset paper, writing paper, dictionary paper, books and paper.
3. Industrial paper:
 Release paper, carbon paper, insulation paper, filter paper, paper, paper capacitors gas, plate paper, wipes, impregnated paper, sandpaper, etc.
4. Offices, cultural paper:
 Tracing paper, drawing paper, the other copy paper, art paper, carbon paper, fax paper, printing paper, copy paper, photo paper, rice paper, thermal paper, inkjet paper and so on.
5. Life paper:
 Napkins, toilet paper, tissues, diapers, sanitary napkins, wet wipes and others.
6. Professional paper:
 Decorative base paper, watermarked paper, paper sticks, gold and silver cardboard.

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